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Insanity of humanity.

What have we done with what we were given?

Ice caps and shrinking and icebergs are sinking.

Livestock grazes where forests once stood,

Mother Nature would sob if she could.

The soil is dry, the planet is warming

Why oh why did we not heed the warning!

Oceans are poisoned with oil and plastic

What we have done is already drastic.

Gaia made us custodians of her earth

With her equilibrium of sea and turf.

When humanity over populated the world,

The balance of nature was drastically turned.

From a planet that pulsed an abundance of health

To a planet of people driven by destruction and wealth.

Wildlife species struggle to survive

With habitat loss their numbers decline.

They breathe our air of chemical and gases

Just so we can have throw away plastics

Forests of palm oil cut down for our vanity

When will we see this is complete insanity!

Many species become rapidly extinct,

What will it take to make us stop and think?

Tsunamis and earthquakes becoming a regular occurrence

Because we produce and buy in abundance.

To a point, the damage is done

Climate change has already begun.

But what we can do to aid the solution

Is to drastically reduce the problem of pollution.

Allow Mother Earth to breathe again

By learning more about make do and mend,

saving water, grow your own,

Lower our emissions,

And buy nearer home.

Drive fewer journeys

Walk or cycle?

Use less plastics

and recycle.

These are small steps that

we all can make,

To heal our earth

Instead of constantly take.

By Jen Blaxall.

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