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How to trust your gut feeling?

Intuition is something we all have, you don't have to be a healer, psychic or meditate daily to be able to intuitively know how to make a decision or trust in a person or situation.

You simply listen to your gut feeling.If you find your head rules your heart try this simple trick.... ... we all have an I internal voice that chatters away in our own head, often criticising and making our decisions on the basis of how we look to the external world. Next time you are having a conversation in your own head about how to make a decision, locate that voice ask yourself where that voice is? Is it in your forehead or maybe the back of your brain? Now visualise moving that voice down through your body and into the gut, then ask yourself the burning question again, but this time the voice is coming from your gut. It is not unusual for the voice to be softer and less critical but the real magic of this exercise is you are now concentrating on the area of your gut, your intuition. Not only will the answer for your true path come easier, you will learn to feel the sensation of your gut feeling and the more you practice this, the more intuitive you will become with your decisions being made from a place of your true self and not ego, fear and external influences.

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