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Helping to heal addictions  

I have regularly had people come to me with addiction issues. It doesnt always have to be drink or drugs, it could be spending money, eating chocolate or watching TV. The common ground is what triggered the addiction? Often it is a trauma or loss or even an unhappy home life. The point I am trying to make is that addiction are mostly created by a emotional response. I tend to give 4 reiki whole body sessions, one with the power symbol to get some awareness into the body, second on the emotional level to start working on those emotional scars, thirdly working with the distant healing symbol. (This is normally quite an emotional one for the reciever) sending the reiki to the moment in time that the addiction was triggered and starting the healing process from the past, then the final session on a soul level using the master symbol. In my experience at this point the addiction isn't cured but there is a definite change in attitude and wellbeing which over more time and reiki sessions concentrating on the forehead and back of the skull to help break the cycle of thought, the heart to give the sufferer strength and the root chakra to help cleanse the body, the addiction gradually falls away. I do emphasise this is only a guideline of how the reiki starts to help the receiver with an addiction as reiki will go where it is needed, it can't be forced to a particular part of the body as the practitioner we have to get our emotional response out of the way and work on intuition but by being the intuitive bystander feeling the reiki energies pull, I am aware that there is a trend when working with addictions with some receivers responding quicker than others at lifting that black cloud from their life. 💜

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