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Heaths, ponds and ponies.

Beautiful afternoon walk as the landscape dipped between bright sunshine and moody skies. The heath is starting to sound like spring with the "peewit" of lapwings and woodlark singing from the woodland edge.

There is a collective of bottom rubbing by ponies who are getting itchy with their change of coats.

A holly tree still in full berry popped red like jewels on the greeny/grey horizon of Stonard wood and Fox hill pond appeared like it is stretching as the surface rippled towards me while I wandered round it on the look out for tadpoles. On the descent of Fox hill I managed to spot a female adder basking in the safety of the gorse and 2 brimstone butterflies fluttered by in a flash of buttery yellow.

Heading back towards the woods I followed the woodland stream where wagtails were foraging in the shallows. Once I had tackled the hill my reward was the secret woodland pond. I sat for a moment to appreciate the sun on my face and spend time mesmerised by the glassy, clear water reflecting the surrounding trees accompanied by the chattering of passing crossbills. It was only made better by the arrival of my husband with a flask of coffee to join me in my gratitude. 💖

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