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Heaths, history and lakes.

What a great afternoon! I headed North of the forest and enjoyed a warm, sunny walk at Ibsley common. Sadly, the panoramic views of this high heath were not so clear, but it wasn't going to dampen my mood. The sun was warm on my face and I felt like it was just me and the ponies on 'top of the world' from this high vantage point.

Skylarks sang high in the uninterrupted blue sky and deer grazed far in the distance. I cannot pass the 'huff duff' (wartime directional finding station) when up here without going and sitting in there for a while and thinking about the passed lives that had been here and the writing on the walk always makes me smile and every time makes me promise myself to come up here one dark night.

Heading back towards Newlands plantation the views of Rockford common through the mist were beautiful with the browns and greys of the heather and the greens and yellows of sandy soils and gorse. Buzzards circled and called above and by treading quietly and slowly, I caught sight of a female adder disappearing into the scrub. Walking the footpath of Newlands stud heading towards Gorley road, the horses are well turned out in their clips and fly fringes and the smell combination of pony breath, haylage and the farrier hot shoeing could be pretty rancid to some, but to me... sweet heaven!! (Its a horsey thing!?!)

As it was such a lovely afternoon I extended my walk to the lakes. The sun danced on the water and the swans gracefully glided though the shimmers. Shags were sitting on islands, wings open as if praying to the sun gods and mallards quacked and gossiped in the shallows.

Passing by the Alice Lisle pub, I did think what a perfect afternoon for a G&T! But we all have to wait a little longer! But just to finish off a wonderful walk, as I followed the Docken water back to the car, I got a glimpse of an otter.

If you would like to join me for this walk, I have just posted new walks to my website in hope we will be sticking to the dates on the roadmap out of lockdown. 🤞 Be reassured I will be following the rule of six and taking precautions to keep us all safe when we can finally meet up again. 😘

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