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Frosty forest.

BRRRR!!! It's a kind of thermals and coffee morning but a beautiful walk in the early morning sun. Ponies were grazing on the frozen wetlands and their breath thawed the air around them. Frosty tips to their multilayed winter coats and sparkling moustaches as they muzzle their fuzz into the frost dusted ground.

As I walked, I admired the different patterns of melting puddles and could hear the cracking of the thawing landscape.

Walking past the huge wood pile, birds of all kind hopped in and out of the gaps. Robin's, nuthatches, wrens and chaffinches to name a few. All going about their business like a community of respectful neighbour's passing the time of day before heading back into the cover of the logs. Sika deer quietly roamed the woods as I tried to creep past of icy ground not to disturb them. Jay's cackled and nuthatches called only to be out done by the beautiful melody of the song thrush.

The sun finally rose high enough in the sky to feel its warmth on my path, I took advantage and stopped for a coffee from my flask and turned my face to the sun for a while before heading back to the car.

Home for a afternoon with my husband round the outside fire to share a few drinks and to reflect on 2020 while watching the birds.

Not all bad this year. All my friends and family are healthy, lots of time for walking in the forest, written a book, became a Rahanni practitioner, spend a precious last summer with my 2 dogs before their passing and made some lovely new friends.

Happy new tier (whoops! Year!?!) Wishing you all a happy, healthy one my friends. Thank you for your support through this year and remember.. I am still available for 1 to 1 walks during these difficult times.

Lots of love, Jen 💖

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