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Flying ant day.

Today was 'flying ant day' in Emery Down. The weather has to be ideal for this once a year spectacular to occur. Hot, dry and humid. The Male flying ants soul purpose is to mate, so they do nothing within the nest other than prepare for this day! The virgin females (who are larger) take flight and after the nuptial flight has occurred they chew off their own wings and find a suitable nesting site to start a new colony. The smaller males only survive a couple of days after the flight and die off once their job is done! The sperm the queen receives on this day is enough for her to lay eggs and fertilise them for the rest of her life.

Please don't be fearful of the swarms, they are not interested in you but I do understand some people find it overwhelming to see so many in flight! They fly as a swarm for safety in numbers and if you can tolerate it, they will be gone by the next day. It is also good to remember the birds like to feed on them so on the up side you may get a good show of birds too. 🐜

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