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Energy healing for animals.

Thank you Ann for the lovely photos and for choosing me to work with your pack!

Coco is the chocolate lab he's the wise old man of the pack, Bailey is the old boy viamara that looks on from afar as he does all the worrying for the pack and Lana is a rescue from Greece who had traumatic past but now has a heart bursting with love and kindness!

Ann asked me over as Coco is feeling his age and starting to struggle with his back legs, so a few hours before arriving I tapped into his energy, so sure enough Ann said "he knew you were coming he has been watching the door."

(Energy has no boundaries!)

With the healing energy switched on I entered the house and was greeted by all 3 dogs with lots of licks, hugs and wags. Bailey went and settled on the sofa, far enough away to be able to observe from a safe distance. Lana brought me her toys one by one and "cleaned out my ears!" In between.

I set to work with Coco, but within 5 minutes he moved away. I sensed our session wasn't over with but he was moving aside to allow Bailey some healing time. As Bailey can be anxious I started work with him from afar until I could gradually make physical contact with him. This is when he took a very deep breath, curled up and went into a deep, healing sleep. He was absorbing the energy like a sponge until after sometime the sensation started to soften and he had taken what he needed. Little Lana sensed this and hopped up next to him for some more attention. I sat with my hands on her for a while and she cuddled right in to me. This dog has love pouring out of her 💜 and at one point I wondered who was healing who??

When both has settled Coco returned to finish the work we started, he looked deep into my eyes, he is so full of wisdom and calmness we exchanged gratitude for what we have shared with each other in that moment. At this point Bailey and Lana came and settled on the floor with us to enjoy the high frequency energy and when the old boy had taken what he needed he simply moved away.

I enjoy so much sharing the healing space with animals and left the pack relaxed, rebalanced and healing as they snoozed. BUT not until Lana had validated the energy shift. Before leaving the house I "switched off" the healing energy and Lana suddenly looked at me like she didn't know me. So I sat back down, switched back on, said to her silently "it's still me" and while holding her attention switched the energy off. With a lick on my nose, Lana understood and accepted the change in my energy.

It simply proves why I never go into a healing session with any preconceived ideas as I was called upon to help Coco, but Bailey was more in need, although they all benefited from the energy which went to where it was needed most 💜

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