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Early morning walk in the new forest.

Quite a dewy morning's walk before the sun burnt through the clouds but the dampness enhanced the smells of the forest. The honeysuckle that entwined amongst the brambles filled the air with its sweet scent as I brushed past and the marsh st johns wort encompassed the damp ditches with its heavy aroma.

The forest was quiet until I could hear the sound of 2 blackbirds alarm calling to one another making me aware that there must be a predator around, then right on cue a fox trotted out of the foliage ahead and crossed my path. A little further on I caught a glimpse of some fallows grazing amongst the trees so I stood and watched fof a while going unnoticed until I sneezed! (Stupid hayfever!) Then there was a sudden bounce of deer hooves and warning barks as they alerted each other of my presence. After shouting out an apology to them I wandered on.

As the sun started to break through, butterflies were awakening and busying themselves on the brambles, cows and ponies were grazing the heath with their young and the resident buzzard was circling above while the distinct cackling call of a Jay could be heard in the woods beyond. Lovely walk to start the weekend. Have a great weekend folks 💜

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