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Dodging the rain in the New Forest.

Dodging the showers yesterday I walked the forest which was silent of human noise and the wildlife and brilliant shades of green were my company.

Everything was so fresh and amplified by the raindrops gently growing heavy before falling to the ground from trees and flowers.

The bird song was so intense with melodic tunes coming from either side of the woods from blackbirds and song thrushes. A charm of goldfinches chattered and bathed in the shallow puddles of the ground while 2 buzzards called and circled the thermals over the heath which was peppered with cotton grass and myrtle.

As I stepped respectfully through the passage of ancient, masculine oak trees a pair of redstart's flew from bough to branch and a little roe deer could just be seen roaming amongst the woodland bracken. A few bright orange chicken of the wood fungi were still holding strong under the protection of the canopies on these old gentlemen oaks.

Through the gate and into the conifer woodland I left the old world behind as I was taken over by the beautiful pine resin aroma. The trees were edged by flowering foxgloves and wood spurge.

The aesthetically pleasing upright pines and foxgloves were softened by the cloud of spurge in all the contrasting colours, it seemed the Southern wood ants liked it too as I came across many nests along this path.

Heading back out of the gate of the inclosure it was surrounded by dog roses and gypsy weed, more beautiful contrasts of lilac and white offered by nature.

I meandered back to the car across heath where heather was threatening to flower, bog St John's wort was abundant and heath spotted orchids stood proud.

I stopped for a moment before the imminent rain feeling the heavy, humid air, smelling the wild flora and listening to the distant cuckoo before I headed back into the human dominant world 💜

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