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Dawning day in the New Forest.

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The dappling glades in the morning sun,

With the golden dawn the day has begun.

Still a chill on the mid spring morn,

But birds are singing the chorus of dawn.

Ponies graze and cattle rest,

While birds tend their brooding and demanding nests.

Cuckoos and chiff chaffs repeat their calls,

And the arriving swifts turn, dip and fall.

As the rising Aurora sun warms the ground,

Reptiles bask and hares box and bound.

Butterflies flutter in the rays through the trees,

While the shy herding fallows potter with ease.

Heady aroma of ancient bluebell sites,

Majestically bow and warm in the light,

Before the leaf laden canopy covers the wood,

And causes the bells their inevitable blight.

As the first Robin brood bravely fledges,

Amongst unfurling bracken and Mayflower hedges,

I walk the path with delicate steps,

Not to disturb flower, leaf or nest.

The New Forest Park is a wonder and a treasure,

And needs our protection now more than ever!

To nurture the nature and mindfully step,

Is not just a pleasure but a sign of respect.

By Jen Blaxall.

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