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Changing of the seasons.

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

That time of year where everything changes,

Including clocks and heating gauges.

The atmosphere becomes colder and quiet,

while the rutting bucks are causing a riot!

The misty mornings,

atmospheric and dark,

accompanied by the tawny owl screech,

and the muntjac bark.

Pumpkins carved into an array of faces, sparklers crackle and fireworks bang.

In the cold air the smell of wood fires hang.

Romantic cold evenings wrapped in scarves and hugs,

visible breath in front of the crackling bonfire, warming and toasting marshmallows and hot toddy mugs.

On the horizon is the festive season,

but for now lets celebrate halloween with good reason,

As it marks the end of the harvest season,

and welcome the winter,

And shorter days.

with it's leaf-less trees,

and frosty nights,

polo neck jumpers,

and cosy nights in cuddled up tight!

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