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Boost your immunity with Reiki. 

We are getting into the time of year where we start thinking more about our immune system with the colder months looming. I am living proof Reiki is an excellent immune booster. When I first discovered Reiki,I was suffering with M.E which if you didn't know is very debilitating and sends your immune system crashing into a downward spiral. The complete exhaustion of chronic fatigue and the constantly painful joints, swollen glands and headaches along with being emotionally floored occured daily. I was sick of 'pills for this, pills for that' and always determined not to get beaten by my bad health. I could go a few weeks or even months of feeling better, but then double pneumonia hit. This became a pattern of months of symptoms from M.E, then as I had a window of recovery, the pneumonia would hit again! And this was all happening in my 20's when I should be in my prime. Then I discovered Reiki. It wasn't an instant cure, but over a few sessions the pains eased and my head was clearer. Then with more sessions I found sleep was doing what sleep should! Not the going to bed, getting up 9 hours later feeling exhausted. Just by these subtle changes my body started to repair and fight back, I could function better as the brain fog had cleared and food became palatable again. I found myself emotionally stronger and becoming less exhausted. It was a process of one step at a time, but each step was forward and as my body healed the physical symptoms just fell away allowing my immune system to strengthen. Within six months I was fully recovered and back in full time work and as for immune system kicked it's butt and thankfully never returned. 15 years on I am now a Reiki master and practitioner and treat people with M.E, chronic fatigue and other immune crippling conditions and seen the results now also through a practitioner's eyes which have always been positive. Reiki works on the physical, emotional and spiritual body so goes to where it is needed to rebalance your whole being. So whether you are a chronic sufferer, or just fancy treating yourself to a little boost and rebalance before the flu season you can book me on the following link.

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