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Bluebell Wood in the New Forest

The bluebells are coming!

Today I took myself to a very special woodland, this is where I slow down amongst the wilds. Pondhead is always full of wildlife and as an ungrazed coppice it is also full of wild flowers. A speedy walk through Pondhead is a wasted walk, I step through the gate and the magic awakens.

The verges are "a buzz" with pollinators and pops of colours with the gentle purples of bowing bluebells and the shock of yellow from celandines and dandelions all tied up with the whites of stitchwort and anemones.

Orange tip and brimstone butterflies fluttered over the woodland floor while speckled woods light up through the sunny glades.

The trees are full of new life, not just with the burst of new leaves but demanding chirps from hungry nests. I was studying an old nest when I caught sight of a vixen weaving through the trees carrying a recent kill, I couldn't make out what she had but I hope she is off to share it with her cubs.

Sunshine, birdsong and magical woodland with welcoming paths where the wildlife thrives and the wilds blossom. The only way is to slow down and appreciate the detail in this wonderous place.

As there has been a lot of interest in the evening bluebell walk I have added another date when hopefully the bluebells will be in full bloom.

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