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Beyond the cattle grid

Out beyond the cattle grid today in the quintessential fishing village of Emsworth.

The beautiful blue sky reflecting off the calm water of the millpond where swans and signets gently glide and carp silhouette under the surface.

Pretty cottages edge the water and wildflowers sway on the meadow where butterflies and bees bounce from petal and pollen.

Heading back along the shore, the tide was rising and brought with it a cool breeze and a scent of elderflower from the coastal woodland where wet dogs chased after squirrels after a cooling off in the shallows.

Coming to the end of my walk the shore turns to farmland where I could hear frolicking from a nearby stream, assuming it was another dog cooling its paws, it was a pleasant surprise to see it was the cows.

If you fancy a change of scenery and like to see this beautiful village for yourself and enjoy a pub lunch, I have a walk planned here for July 13th. Contact me to book or simply RSVP from the link 👇

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