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Beauty of the heath.

A bit blowy on the open heath this morning but as usual plenty to admire. The ponies look incredible with their glossy summer coats and came across one with the most unusual markings, she has white spots all over her and she made me do a double take. The foals are playing and skipping through the scrub, so lucky to be born to the wilds of the forest. I stopped to watch a grasshopper, but everytime I tried to take a picture, off it would go again! So while I was focused on the micro world of the heath I managed to get some shots of a couple of silver studded blue butterflies.

The heather is showing its first blooms which shimmer and rustle as the wind whips across the landscape. As I continued along the path through the heath something of an unusual shape caught my eye as it moved though the foliage. I stopped to watch and had the pleasure of spotting a curlew moving quietly and barely unnoticed across the heath. It seemed to be coming closer to me so stayed as still as possible not to worry this beautiful bird before waiting for it to turn it's back so I could head on with my walk.

As the heath turned to grassland, rabbits bobbed along the hedgeline and a herd of deer could be seen in the distance. The grassland seems to have an abundance of flowering wild thyme this year giving it a purple hue and just as I returned home, I found my gate peppered with shaggy inkcap mushrooms. What a great time of year! 🌞💖

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