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Autumnal walk at Bolderwood

The autumn colours enticed me out this afternoon (not that I need much enticing!)

Somewhere I avoid during the warmer season as it is thriving with tourists and for good reason! But in the late autumn sunshine Bolderwood is a beautiful place to lose yourself amongst the patchwork of colours and textures of this mixed woodland.

Deer roam these woods night and day. When I past the time of day with a couple who were sitting and admiring the scenery a roe buck popped his head up behind them from the bronzing bracken!

Greens, golds and reds dominate the woodland with towering conifers and sprawling broadleaves. I stood under a redwood tree looking up to admire its immensity and caught a glimpse of a goshawk silently maneuver the canopy on the wing which made the crossbills erupt from their foraging in the surrounding pine trees.

Heading out of Bolderwood autumn sparkled like jewels dripping from the trees as the gentle falling leaves danced to the ground. The views were stunning across Bratley view such a palette of colours enhanced by the blue sky and the flock of fieldfares heading for the trees. Fallows grazed and snoozed in the safety of their sanctuary as I went unnoticed watching from afar.

Crossing the road into the Highland water inclosure the ponies grazed amongst the trees and I spotted a hawfinch on the path ahead.

Not a drop of breeze made the forest silent apart from the scampering squirrels and foraging birds. I sat on a log to enjoy my coffee, which was just luke warm by the time I stopped being mesmerised by the depth of colours, complete quietness and autumn smell on the air 🍄🍂

If you would like to join me for this walk on the 28th take a look at the events page for more details.

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