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Accessible guided walk.

Dodged the rain at lunchtime today, even the sun showed for a while. Just a short 2 mile wander today checking a route for an accessible guided walk I am planning. Even though the river had burst its banks and flooded the woodland, the tracks were still dry and passable.

When the clouds parted, the colours from the mixed woodland were beautiful. A fox trotted across the path ahead and the red deer could just be made out amongst the trees while a flock of crossbills flew over chattering noisily as the passed by.

Definitely a walk I am going to offer, it was wonderful, despite the weather!

This walk is wheelchair accessible, buggy accessible on flat easy tracks, so if you suffer mobility problems or parents of young children, or just trying to get fitter and this walk amongst nature meeting others appeals to you, what this space for more details.

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