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A walk at Milkham.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

A lovely walk at Milkham this morning before the forecast rain. Green is slowly starting to dominate the landscape as the sap has risen and the leaves unfold. The bird song was really intense amongst the mixed woodland with Robin's, blackbirds, chaffinches, chiff chaffs, blackcaps and gold crests to name a few. There was a heavy scent filling the air with a mixture of golden, flowering gorse and pine resin released by the conifers due to the imminent rain. Cherry and blackthorn softened the edges of the inclosure with their soft white blossoms and violets and wild primroses decorated the rides.

Milkham is a great example of the working forest with recently cleared trees, shoots are just starting to show from the dormant seeds that were once overshadowed by the trees. The neatly stacked pine gave shelter for wrens and Robin's who were hopping in and out of the gaps and an area of replanted trees are reaching for the light as they branch out just above their protective tubing.

Woodpeckers drummed and deer rustled through the forest carpet as they headed towards the open heath.

I was not far behind them on the tinder dry landscape, but with the clouds looking heavy as they rolled across the landscape I could tell the rain was coming. I stood and watched a kestrel hover over the dried heather for a while and the cloud broke its seal. The rain on my face was welcoming, not for me but the dry landscape. The sweet scent of gorse stepped back to allow the refreshing petrichor take centre stage, but sadly not for long enough, I was barely damp before the rain stopped and the sun returned. So I headed home to do another rain dance for the sake of our land lovers, farmers, gardeners and wildlife (also put out my washing for good measure!)

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