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A moment of gratitude

A moment of gratitude for my life!!

During the week I walked in the warm autumn sun. Robins melodies lightened my step into the low seasonal sun which silhouetted my path where conifers stood to attention, upright and rigid. The beech and oaks more characteristic in their stooping boughs and twisted, lower limbs all supporting life and bearing scars of centenary wisdom.

Some of the trees are preparing to purge what no longer serves them as the leaves start to show hints of yellows and reds.

Fantastical moth caterpillars wander our paths in theatrical outfits before emerging into adulthood and deer majestically flirt into the season. Ponies have freshly cut tails after the chase and release of the drift while pigs squeal and grunt with noses constantly to the ground. If you would like to join me for this walk next Sunday it will be a delight to walk it again amongst the changing colours and like minded people.

I cannot forget yesterdays walk accompanied by warm sunshine and great company, I love my job!! 💜

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