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A joyous New Forest walk

Wow, wow, wow what an amazing walk this morning! Heading out to recce Saturdays coming walk (spaces still available)

It was nice not having to put my wellies on knowing I was sticking to inclosure tracks and the birds were in full chorus on this mild spring-like morning as I set off on my walk. The sun sparkled through the tall trees and if this wasn't joyous enough a dog fox trotted across the path ahead and into the woods the otherside. Aware I was being watched I glanced from behind my sunglasses to my right to see a pair of foxy ears twitching my way from amongst the foliage. I blew him a kiss as I passed and continued on my path beaming from my sighting. Further on my walk I stood to listen to the bird sound. The song thrush melody with the charming Twitter from a blackbird. Goldcrests sound like they are pushing squeaky wheelbarrows and great tits continued shout becoming slightly monotonous. A flock of goldfinches chattered as they flew over and a wren drilled its tune with all it's worth, in my moment of stillness I got a second glimpse of the fox heading deeper into the woods.

The river is high after the recent rain and luckily my walking boots are waterproof as I waded through the watersplash. Turning to take the short wander along the ornamental drive, the sun streamed through the trees and bounced off the road ahead while a distance calling goshawk could be heard. I wandered a little further than my turning to catch a glimpse of Rhinefield house before retracing my steps back to the forest path. Woodland one side and open mire to the other the sun trapped on the path with a convenient tree stump that was well positioned in the warmth alongside the path so I took advantage and opened my flask.

Just quietly admiring the scenery I was suddenly drawn to a red stag lumbering across the path within my view. He was closely followed by another who stopped in his tracks and acknowledged me admiring him. What a delight! I raised my flask in gratitude to Mother nature and settled back into this joyous moment. Then suddenly I could hear something rather large in the woodland behind me. Thinking it was a pony, I turned to see one of the deer had moved closer as he grazed amongst the trees. We were both perfectly still as our souls recognised eachother before he became spooked by a passing runner.

As if it couldn't get any better my walk back to the car was accompanied by butterflies, frogspawn and sunshine! What a morning!

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