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Time for transformation. 

There is a strong energy at the moment and I am regularly seeing repeated patterns in clients who come to me for Reiki. Unexplained feelings of anxiety, fear and depression. These feelings are born from past traumas and life changing events rising from our core and wanting to be healed. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to reflect. This is a time of transformation, so let go of what no longer serves you. Grieve for your past trauma if you need to, but it is a time to heal, use the energy that's at your disposal to take stock, reset and have a fresh start as a happier, more confident, powerful being that you are who has made peace with their past and has new hope and excitement for the future.

Reiki is an amazing therapy to aid your journey, giving relaxation and calmness of mind for your energy to realign and gently guide you back to your true self and purpose 💜

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