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Renewing my energy 

I am sure I am not the only one who has suffered this week with illness (and the Mercury retrograde) so there was only one thing for it! Combined the things that always make me feel healthier, re-balanced and complete! So after a reiki self healing session I went for a walk amongst nature.

The walk in the late autumn sun was nourishing and warm on my face while the gentle breeze released the caught raindrops from the recent shower from the red and golden hues of the leaves. The sodden, muddy path was softened and soaked up by the autumn carpet that as you looked to the distance couldn't see where the forest floor finished and shimmering coloured leaves of the trees began. The odd leaf quietly drifted to the floor to add to the coloured palette and the golden light caught the heavy rain droplets and made them sparkle as the leaves could hold on no longer. The forest is quiet and mystical this time of year, letting the colours have the glory before the cold snap starts and it all fades to the ground to nourish the earth of the forest for another season. I returned home with a renewed energy and nourished soul, to take on daily life once again .

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