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Mother natures point of view.

With all the worry and talk of Coronavirus, I want to try and haul some positivity out of it.

Now I am considered 'high risk vulnerability' due to being an asthma sufferer and a history of M.E and reoccurring pneumonia, so trust me, like a lot of you I take the government recommendations very seriously! But I wouldn't be me, if I didn't consider the point of view of mother nature. I am a believer (and it is just my opinion) that this is her way of kicking back at us for being so irresponsible. With climate change happening so rapidly, there is no wonder there are new strains of bugs we are not prepared for..... sorry, come on Jen, you said positive spin! So, a huge percentage of the country has gone into self isolation, businesses are being closed particularly places of social gatherings, there is no food on the shelves and now schools are being closed too. At running the risk of you all shouting at me as we are all affected and worried one way or another, this could be positive for our planet.

With people staying at home there is far less travel which improves air quality. Children will need to be more entertained at home which will possibly encourage the learning of life skills like cooking or gardening and growing or making and mending things. This creates more valuable and quality family time engaging in conversations and fun together therefore lessening the mental health issue. With no food in the supermarket, we will have to be more creative with making meals from scratch and making it last, possibly leading to a bit more respect and appreciation for food and a drop in obesity. As for over 70's being high risk, I could name a few that just take this crisis in their stride with their keep calm and carry on attitude. Providing they are fit and healthy, they can cope far better than most 30-somethings I know. They have lived through an age where they have had to learn to adapt, where the younger generation have only ever experienced instant accessibility to whatever they want (but not necessarily need.)

If we simply get back to basics through this crisis and be sensible about what we do, our health and wellbeing can only improve. According to studies it takes 3 weeks to change a habit, so just maybe after these worrying time have past we might just continue with some of our back to basic behaviours and allow mother nature to breathe again!

In the meantime, stay healthy, happy and considerate to others. 💖

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