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Foxes in the New Forest.

Not a great photo, but this little one turned up on my walk the yesterday.

For those of you that have come on a nature therapy session with me will have heard me explain that allowing yourself to sit quietly in nature allows your energy to vibrate at the same frequency of your surroundings (as we are nature) and wildlife seems to come closer. With this in mind I was taking a rest on my walk and was leaning on a tree watching the crossbills above when this little Vixen trotted out from behind a tree and continued to forage around me. We acknowledged each other as she was nose to the ground for a good few minutes and even took time for a little sit and scratch while I was simply immensely grateful for the experience.

This time of year foxes are very vocal as it is mating season. If you hear those eerie, blood curdling screams at night, it's not a mad axe man! It's the frisky call of the foxes! Its difficult to tell the difference between male and female (apart from the obvious!) But the males tend to be larger and stockier with broader heads. Cubs are born between March and May which means foxes are more active during the day, a Vixen with Cubs is recognised by the swollen teats and red belly (which is normally white or grey.) Cubs tend to stay within the den until June. Foxes live in social groups with a strict dominance hierarchy within the group.

Beautifully amazing creatures of our towns and countryside. 🦊

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