reiki and rahanni 

What is Reiki?
Reiki is Japanese for “universal life energy.” This is what flows through every living thing, and if it is interrupted somehow it will cause the flow to be low or weakened. This is when we tend to feel ill or stressed. Reiki restores the energy flow, to allow us to feel more balanced, capable, happy and healthy.


What type of Reiki do you practice?

 There are lots of styles of Reiki out there, but I practice Usui Reiki at a master and teacher level and have been practicing for 14 years. I am trained in the Western method of Usui Reiki and the original Japanese Usui style Reiki.









What is Rahanni?


Rahanni translates as "of one heart" it is a powerful healing modality that works on the vibration of the heart chakra. Balancing the male and female sides of us all while helping to release fear and negativity to allow us to live our true essence and move forward on the right path by releasing the past.  Rahanni works well with children and animals as they tend to tap into higher frequency with ease.

What is better for me, Reiki or Rahanni?

It simply comes down to personal preference. Reiki works on a third dimensional energy and it is more about correcting the energy that already runs through every living thing. Whereas Rahanni works on a 5th Dimensional energy, so Angels, Guides and Higher beings of light are working with you to shift the blockage and refill the space with unconditional love. 

Both modalities help with physical and emotional issues from the past, present and future and are there to help us move into the new age of Aquarius as the planets energy shifts from 3D up to 5D. Reiki works from the earthly plains while Rahanni works from the higher realms.

Do I have to believe?


Even though they are both seen as spiritual healing treatments, they holds no religion, so you don’t have to believe in anything, in fact, you don’t even have to believe in Reiki or Rahanni. You just need to trust in your own healing ability.

Feel free to ask me any questions here!