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Winter walk at Acres Down.

Complete stillness!.....

....whether life is a struggle, time of reflection or gratitude in these times of uncertainty nature will take us in her arms and give us the support we need. Thankfully she has no restriction and this afternoon she was in her full winter glory!

On the still, sunny heath I could feel the warmth on my face and the 360° views of the patchwork of trees were clear and bright. Ponies wandered amongst the scrub grazing on gorse and holly looking so huggable in their thick, fluffy winter robes (please don't hug the ponies 😳) and deer pranced across the heather in the distance.

Heading down into the woods the ancient trees stand proud with flocks of redwings flitting and chatting amongst their boughs. Moss is like emerald green velvet on the greying bark and neutral textures of the forest carpet. Robin's hopped along the path ahead and blackbirds noisily tossed the dried leaves in search of worms while woodpeckers were carrying out some territorial drumming a sign of seasons to come!...Perfect winter walk 🌳

I hope you are all keeping well and safe folks 💖

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