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Why we shouldn't feed the animals.

This is not just a photo of utter cuteness!! It also saddens me, let me explain why....

.... after an early morning walk I opened the boot of my car to get my flask of coffee out of a bag. With the rustling of me reaching for my well deserved warm up, these 2 appear from nowhere, both bickering amongst themselves trying to get their heads in my boot. Having always been round horses and donkeys I was aware they were getting competitive with each other so shoo-ed them away and went to sit in my car to enjoy a coffee. If people aren't aware of their behaviour they could have been in a dangerous situation stood between 2 argumentative donkeys or possibly thought they were cute and fed them goodies.

As I was enjoying my coffee, this picture was taken from the inside of my car while these little thugs had their noses pressed against my window. Sadly, this is behaviour created by human interaction. Please be mindful when donkeys (and ponies) learn they get fed from cars, it encourages them onto the road and often causes road accidents and feeding the ponies and donkeys in general can create competitive behaviour amongst the herd and aggression towards humans. The forest provides them with all they need, go out and enjoy some fresh winter air and admire the stock, but keep your distance and do not feed. 🙏

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