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Welly weather walk.

The calm after the storm. A beautiful walk but definitely "welly weather!"

A lot of the forest is under water after the weekend of crazy weather, but the afternoon definitely felt mild particularly in the small glimpse of sun that bounced off the rippling, standing water. Now most of the boughs are bare, the forest takes on a new look, with mosses and bark textures from different trees taking front stage as the sap recedes into the roots allowing the trees time to rest and reflect before the new burst of life in spring.

Brooks are not just babbling, but also foaming with the excess water running off the land. Grey wagtails bobbed along the edge of the highland water and fallow bucks grazed the deer sanctuary. Longtail tits and crossbills could be heard high in the conifers and nut hatches, tree creepers and bat boxes were more noticeable in the bareness of limbs. Wrens flitted in and out of the decaying bracken as I dodged the very deep puddles!

Another new adventure tomorrow 🌳🌲🍂

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