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Wandering in the equinox energy

Yesterday, I took a wander in the woodland in the equinox energy, and although there was a heavy mist when I got out of my car, there had been a shift.

I was greeted by calling chiffchaffs and drumming woodpeckers, and as I got into the rhythm of my walk I stepped in time of the chorusing birds.

The freshly cut pine stacked along the forest rides filled my senses with the sweet, pine aroma and verges had awakened with wild primroses, wood spurge and dog violets.

The understorey was yawning and stretching into life too, with delicate, fluffy blackthorn flower and hawthorn leaves starting to unfurl.

As I quietly stepped from the inclosure track out into the heathland, the sun had started to burn away the mist across the muddy landscape, but the mud wasn't my focus.

The melodic call of the skylark took my attention along with the territorial stonechat sat high on the gorse, which shone its yellow blossom amongst the waterlogged landscape.

Watercrows foot filled ditches and larch trees were flowering their pink, exotic-like blooms. Only to be gifted to those who slow, observe and absorb nature.

The change is happening and the forest has awakened.

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