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Time of anticipation.

The bank holiday weekend bustles with noise,

With New Forest wanders and journeys of joy,

But the school run is looming as holidays end,

And to the A roads of Hampshire the grockles descend.

Homeward bound with souvenir filled bags,

A mind full of memories and hearts heavy and sad,

To leave this forest of magic and awe,

But you will be back next year once more.

A pocket full of twigs, leaves and acorns,

To give you a boost when feeling forlorn,

Remind you well of days in Ytene,

Until you're reunited and wow-ed once again!

As you head back to the daily grind,

After having your time to completely unwind,

Something happens only dwellers understand,

A stillness and quiet encompasses the land.

This is a moment I love the most,

In the stillness of time before autumn boasts,

Before birds migrate and leaves start to fall,

This time of anticipation is felt by all.

Dewy morning heatherland are becoming,

While deer rutting season will soon be coming,

Piglets will squeal and play and forage for nuts,

Among the trees on their right to pannage and mast.

The drift season is here already upon us,

Galloping hooves and catching your pony a bonus!

Visiting pony sales and last of the shows,

As another busy season is coming to a close.

The fruiting fungus are starting to show,

But significant rain will help them grow,

In this stillness my gratitude is felt by nature,

Then the forest will sigh and we are in autumn's rapture.🍂

By Jen Blaxall.

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