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The therapist therapy.

After my previous blog about the meeting with forest therapists today, I felt inspired (not that I need an excuse) to get out in nature while the sun was shining!

It was a glorious afternoon at Bolderwood. Just every now and then, Bolderwood can be free from crowds of people and this was one of those times.

I can't blame them, it is a very magical place which hosts a lot of wildlife, colour and textures, but today it was all mine!

The sun danced on the fast running stream while the ponies quietly grazed alongside. The trees creeked and shimmered in the gusts and the blue sky was mesmerising through the bare trees and squinting eyes from the glare of the low winter sun. 2 buzzards circled overhead while a song thrush kept its melody going for most of my walk. As I returned to the carpark I had the pleasure of seeing a red kite fly over. Sightings in the forest becoming more and more common now.

What a great day!

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