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The stillness of winter

A wander of no destination today in the frozen landscape. I was pulled to stop and stand in a pocket of warm winter sun and watch the sparkling, shimmering aura of the grazing ponies as the low sun bounced off their thick winter coats.

I felt like I was stood in a moment of calm as the ponies attentively grazed with the warm sun on their backs, brewing babies in bellies and a time of rest. No looking over their shoulder for drifts or hunt, the forest is quiet of people. It's a real time of rest in the stillness of the wonderland of winter, and I fell into that pattern of stillness.

In my moment of rest, a calling buzzard circled and as I squinted into the sun I heard a call from another, then another. Before I knew it, I was accompanied by the sun and five circling buzzards from above, and the moss and frost from below, as I stood between the two with the resting ponies.

Quietly leaving the stillness of the landscape behind, I wandered into the woods and realised I was focused on the detail.

The carpet of bronze leaves and beech casts, the mossy boughs and the lichen laden sticks lying on the ground. But I knew I wasn't alone. Fallow deer were watching me frombehind almost every tree, but they didn't scarper because they knew in my quiet wandering I meant them no harm.

Climbing up the hill of this wild and unkempt woodland I took a moment to sit with one of my favourite trees. Scarred with etchings and upturned roots, she is a monument in this special place.

Back to my stillness, the deer almost became inquisitive as they edged a little closer. A robin hopped near my feet and a blackbird sang me a melody. What a joy to be in the company of them all. Then a woodpecker drummed. As if to say "wake up! Time to go!"

In that moment I realised the cold was creeping in. So home I headed, rested. Calm. And happy.

Just as I thought I had seen the best of the day, my husband suggested impromptu fish and chips at the beach to watch the sunset. It is definitely a day to feel happy to be alive!

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