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The seductive call of the forest

Nursing a bad knee with a weekend off from guided walks, I managed one day before I could hear the seductive call of the forest. Promises made of taking it easy, I took off to my favourite wild and untouched woodland. A short scramble up the hill over roots and broken boughs to reach my old faithful friend. Her roots exposed she reaches out and welcomes you to sit on her mossy skirt.

I sit here often surrounded by fallows who reside in these woods unfazed by me and accepting my presence. The white coated hind stood out more than usual against the lime green backdrop of this ancient woodland in its fresh new seasonal look.

Sitting under the boughs of this true forest queen I listen to her whispers as she sways with the rhythm of nature. In her presence I have great inspirations and moments of calm as my mind unfolds with the freedom of her space.

I spent some time honing my skills of recognising bird call as 2 muntjac passed by foraging the forest carpet. I go unnoticed as I merge with my friend.

Feeling refreshed and ready to head back I always walk the complete circumstances of this tree caressing the mossy trunk and trying to decipher the scars she carries of old graffiti carved into her torso.

Heading out of this wild, wild wood the lime green canopies were almost overwhelming so spent a moment focusing on the bilberry ground where new beech saplings work their way through to greet their ancestors of this ancient ground 💚🌳

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