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The origin of Reiki.

Just for today I will not anger, I will not worry, I will be humble, Be honest in my dealings with other people, Be compassionate towards myself and others.

These are the words spoken by this man, born on this day in 1865. He lived his life by this precept and past on the beautiful power of Reiki. For today, and everyday for the past 15 years, I have tried to stay true to these precepts and the authentic Reiki Maiko Usui founded. I include these words into my meditation and reiki practice but just for today, I am also going to be grateful for Maiko Usui teaching his practices so I live a more enlightened life. Birthday blessings Sensei Usui.🙏 He was known to have said about Reiki 'This is an enlightening, personal spiritual journey. Healing is just an added benefit of the practice.' We mustn't lose sight of that and remember Reiki starts with us and to help others we have to help ourselves first. With it also being a full moon today, please take a moment to send a thought for our Reiki founder within your full moon blessing rituals. Namaste 💜

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