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The four main "clairs"

There are 4 main "clairs" when it comes to connecting to spirit. They are

🫶clairsentient (clear feeling)

👂clairaudient (clear hearing)

👍claircognizant (clear knowing)

👀clairvoyant (clear seeing).

We all have these abilities, it is just that some of them are stronger than others. With practice you can learn which is your strongest and strengthen these abilities.

💚Sit quietly where you won't be disturbed and take a few deep breaths.

💙Ask anything within your energy field to step out and take another couple of deep breaths.

💛Now ask your Angel guide to step in.

💜You may feel something, hear something, catch a glimpse of something in your peripheral vision or simply have a clear knowing that they are with you.

🧡Take a moment to enjoy this experience with your angel and ask that they give you a definite sign, so that you will always recognise them when they step into your field.

(For me, as a clairsentient I feel as if I am being lifted and feel very light and high vibrational. But it is different for everyone.)

❤When you have established the feeling, sound, vision or knowing of your Angel, thank them for working with you and ask them to step out of your energy field.

You will now know what is your strongest 'clair'

🩷You can now repeat the exercise with your main guide, your spirit animal, your ancestors, ascending masters and even your higher self! The opportunities are endless and you are on the first step to deepening your relationship with your spirit team 🙏

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