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Sunshine and showers.

The sun shines and the rain falls,

From lime green beech, the cuckoo calls.

Patchwork shadows cross the puddled ground,

Where bucks and hinds joyfully bound.

The fresh green landscape dazzles in the light,

As the wind blows the rain clouds far out of sight.

The springtime breeze carries a scent,

Of new beginnings, pure decadence!

Lanky foals stay close to mares,

Where others frolic without a care.

While nests demand from their parents,

Constant body strengthening nutrients.

Birds are fledging and cubs above ground,

As butterflies and bats fly without sound.

While I stand amongst it all,

aware and open to the forest pull 💖

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Unknown member
May 18, 2021

That’s lovely, Jen - both poem and video 💚🌳

Unknown member
May 18, 2021
Replying to

Thank you - looking forward to another walk soon!

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