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Stepping between seasons.

A week of sunshine and showers, but WOW the forest is full of life and colour!

The paths have changed from dusty with a crunch of dried leaves to a softness and quieter step in the dampened ground. Bracken is just on the turn with autumn colours and the trees look like they won't be far behind. The woodland walks are lined with very plump acorns and beautifully bright green, spikey shells of the sweet chestnut along with blackberries, haws and sloes.The air is full of fresh aromas and the damp in the air kicks the smell of the marsh St John's wort right into your senses. The water mint is in flower with its purple pompom which I cannot help running my fingers through for a hit of mint to clear the airways!

Mushrooms are starting to pop up and there is no mistaking autumn isn't arriving subtly this year, its turned up to the party unfashionably early and kicked the door right in, but summer isn't leaving quietly. The landscape is a wash of beautiful heather which was a feast for the eye on last nights guided walk while the ponies and deer are still in their glossy summer coats.

Sitting in the garden writing this after the rain has finally stopped I am reminded that we are still in the warm summer evening as the bats circle and flit in the fading light.

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