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Solitude in nature.

With a last minute day to myself I took advantage of a "no humans day" after a tough week! I packed up lunch and coffee and headed out to the forest.

The open savanna views of the grasslands instantly allowed me to breathe deeper and drop my shoulders, the gentle chatter between fieldfares brought my attention back to nature in almost an instant and the energetic Jack Russell chasing his ball warmed my heart. Turning a corner and passing a herd of shetland ponies made me raise a smile about how something can be so small, cute but tougher than a tough thing!! 20 minutes into my walk and all the weeks worries and frustrations have melted away!

Continuing into the woodland inclosure chestnuts and oaks are contorted and full of character stood and stooped between douglas fir and cedar while throwing out their scent in my path as if they know I need a lift! Mossy stumps were the dominant green with birds and squirrels easily spotted amongst the bare boughs. Stopping for a rest and a coffee under the trees I watched the birds go about their business with finches and tits, foraging the bark while wood pigeons and bramblings pick at the ground. I quietly watched a wren fly from moss to roots tidying as she went and found myself smiling at the activity of my favourite bird. Heading on my way the sun pushed through the cloud-clad sky and brightened my path as I left behind the sheltered woodland and wandered back across the high heath accompanied by a singing blackbird, resting ponies and a circling buzzard.

8.5 miles walked, 2 people passed, 3 Jack Russell's, a warmed heart and worries melted away.... once again life is great and excited to see some friendly faces for a walk, natter and nibbles tomorrow!! (Spaces still available 😉)

Thanks Mother Nature! 💖

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
17 déc. 2021

I'm glad you had a lovely, re-energising day!

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