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Signs of spring amongst the grey.

A grey day didn't stop the signs of spring.The larks were "larking" above the open grassland where ponies grazed. Some, belly bursting with foal. Gulls paddled the ground for worms and frogspawn filled the ditches and ponds.

I stood in delight of a hen harrier passing over as the mild, grey day drizzled on the breeze.

Winding through gorse and bramble stonechats and bullfinches kept me company and to both our surprise a fallow buck meandered almost into my path. I stood and admired his magnificence as he spent a moment deciding if I was friend or foe.

Wandering into the inclosure, the tall conifers snatched away the damp air before it could reach the insignificance of me. My soul awakened and my mind lost amongst the cedars; dense and absorbing of any sound outside of these woods which was pleasing as at that moment, I only ever wanted to be part of that landscape with woodland birds that are definitely warming their vocal cords and the wood ants which are starting

repairs to their nest, spring is definitely starting to unfold. 🌱🌲🌳

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