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Reiki in nature. 

As a reiki practitioner nature is MY therapy. I believe whatever spiritual path you decide to take in life, nature becomes a big part of our journey. This came easily to me as I have a passion for wildlife and nature. I don't follow a religion or believe in God, the same as others don't follow a spiritual path or believe in the power of reiki, but that is okay. Nature is somewhere we can all meet and be grateful for what the universe has provided us with.

When walking quietly through the forest I often feel the reiki vibration 'powering up' through my hands and I never let the energy go to waste. I send it out to the trees, grass, flowers and soil along with a little mantra in my head... ' I thank you all for producing the air that I breathe, I send you the power of reiki you produce in side of me.' I am not a tree hugger or a barefoot Walker. You could walk right past me in the forest and think I am just out walking my dogs and yes I am, but I am also quietly scattering healing vibrations as I go, sending it out to mother nature to be used where it is needed. In this modern, fast living, throw away society our earth can use all the help she can get. 💜

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