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Ostara blessings from The New Forest.

A bit of a gloomy walk at Setley and Longslade this morning, but still beautiful all the same! As the spring equinox grace's us with her presence she presented me with Ostara gifts of yellows and even a red admiral butterfly trying to warm its wings. A passing snipe shows it is time for ground nesting birds and the sounds of the forest was unmistakably spring! The birds were chorus-ing as I headed out early with drumming woodpeckers and melodic wood lark. The heath and bogs skyward noises were lapwings and skylarks with stonechats chattering from the top of the gorse while ponies squealed and bickered as they are starting to feel a bit "fresh."

Such a hopeful time of year. Even more so this year! Lighter days, lockdown relaxing in just over a week. (Look forward to seeing some of you for a walk) and hopefully back to some sort of normality very soon 🤞 This is the time to plant those seeds of Ostara Hope and wishes of love, abundance and brighter days 💖

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