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Nature therapy in the New Forest

This morning it was a privilege to take a private nature therapy walk.

Just by slowing our pace and letting go of the communication between each other allowed our bodies to start communicating with nature, the silence became very comfortable.... but it wasn't silent! As we started to tune in, the stonechats somehow sounded louder and the buzz of the pollinators on the early flowering heather became dominant on our meandered path.

Taking time to pause we noticed a wash of silver studded blue butterflies peppering the heath and it was a privilege to notice the painted lady butterfly who had come to rest.

We came to rest ourselves under a chosen tree amongst the wild and unkempt woodland. I was called to an ancient beech. As I sat in her energy I felt the pull of the surrounding beeches as they embraced me and held my thoughts while I had this moment in peace.

The sway of the trees sent me into a meditive state where I could hear the gentle cracking and popping of drying beech casts on the ground where I rested. Fallows wandered past and we went unnoticed as we are plugged in to Mother Nature.

Back in motion, but gently, not to knock us out of this sensation, we noticed the palette of colours amongst the woodland and how it is also always in motion of budding, blooming, letting go and resting.

With this thought in our minds, grounded once more. This time lying on the grass, I could straight away hear the world of the mini beast as I lay with my ear to the ground and kicking off my shoes to feel the grass tickle my toes. Alerted to the sound of a circling buzzard I turned onto my back and squinted into the sun before the clouds kindly passed over.

This is where we stayed for a while. Cloud watching, listening to the gentle breeze across the grass and carrying the scent of the nearby honeysuckle as a gift from nature into our senses while we breathed as nature does. 🌳💖

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