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Nature invited me in.

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Autumn shared it's gifts with me as I followed the meander of the stream amongst the trees. So green and still out of the wind I felt I was walking a secret woodland that only nature knew and invited me in to take a look.

The forest was silent other than the melody of a perched Robin amongst the fruiting boughs. A gentle trickle came from the shallow stream which was still struggling to move as it skims the river bed. The bubbling dark clouds gave hope to the stream that hopefully sometime soon it will flow with ease.

This damp and vibrant Wonderland was embossed with fungus pushing up through the carpet and decorating trees.

The autumn smell of damp woodland and imminent rain enhanced my moment of wonder and offered me a chair from a fallen log to enjoy my experience a little deeper. My coffee tasted sweeter from my flask in this sensory moment then I realised, I wasn't alone! Looking down, the most impressive pale tussock caterpillar was making its way up the log and sat along side of me to share this moment in the world of beauty and wonder together.

We sat and watched the woodland unfold and embrace us for a while until I emptied my flask, I thanked my little friend for sharing the experience before we both went on our way.

Getting back to the car just as the heavens opened I started to come back to the world of responsibilities and agendas and for a moment I thought of the shallow stream smiling with the welcomed rain and wondered what is the daily responsibilities of a very cool looking caterpillar? 🤔🐛

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