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Let's be better human beings.

Now the lockdown restrictions are relaxing, I feel like we all went through a time where we reflected on our lives and what is important. Even though we were all living apart, it seemed we were connected through the common energy of slowing down, adjusting and reaching out with kindness anyway we could. In the peace and quiet of this time of contemplation people were becoming creative. The planet always needs artists, writers, dancers and storytellers. The human race became more considerate, more aware of their actions and there surroundings. As we grounded the planes and SORN our cars, the planet started to breathe. The wildlife started to appear where we could only imagine was out of their natural habitat, but as the human activity lessened maybe it was a case of the wildlife had no choice but to live where they were?

Nature bounced into spring as the lucky few could exercise amongst her blooming and buzzing of new life and regeneration. The trees reached to the pollution free skies and the wildflowers grew to their full potential without the heavy footfall, as the water ran clearer without runoff and pollution from our thoughtless activities.

Nobody could ignore how quickly nature rebalanced and bounced back to health, nobody could ignore the kindness of communities while everybody has become green-fingered and if you couldn't grow it, you would buy it local.

The most beautiful thing that has come out of lockdown is as a race, we have changed for the better. As we balance on the edge of having our freedom to roam, work, and get together once again we need to be grateful for what this time has allowed us to see and feel. We need to become aware once again that nature runs through our veins, there is no separation and we have to remember to show mother nature the unconditional love and abundance that she has always shown us, but already in the past few days there has been a constant sound of emergency services sirens through our rural village. Reports of fires, litter and overcrowded beauty spots along with my heightened anxiety. Let's not lose that connection and awareness of being better human beings, after all, if this time has taught us one thing, Mother nature can blossom, breathe and adapt without us, but we cannot even exist without her.

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