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Leaving water out for the wildlife.

With the very hot weather forecast for the weekend remember putting water out is important for the garden wildlife. The heat is also very exhausting for our busy insects so please, tie a piece of string to handles of water buckets or to the side of troughs and leave the string dangling in the water for those thirsty insects that dip in for a drink, but cannot get out, they can find the string to crawl back to safety.Or pebbles in your shallow water bowls to give the thirsty little critters a platform. 🐝

While on the subject, please do not leave water out for the ponies here in the New Forest. There are plenty of natural water sources where they roam, leaving water (as with food) creates competition amongst the herd therefore only the most dominant ponies drink and the others go thirsty.

Remember, the ponies have all they need to live in this wonderful landscape. 🐎

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