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International inspirational people day!

On International women's day. There are women who inspire me. Jane Goodall, Dolly Parton as well as the real inspirations; my Mum, my Aunty, my nieces, my Stepdaughter and my sista's from another mista!! But equally, I am inspired by men. David Attenborough, Brian Cox, George Michael (god rest his soul!) But also my husband, my 3 brothers, my uncle, my nephews and my bruvva's from another muvva!! I love the fact we celebrate inspirational women, but let's have international inspirational people day! Women do amazing things in these times that they were unable to do in my lifetime but we live in an age (in my opinion) that is a 'woman's world.' Where people are terrified of arguing otherwise in case they get accused of being 'sexist.' I am a woman and I am proud to NOT be a feminist and I am also proud to respect human beings whether they are women, men or nonbinary providing they are all good, honest,inspirational, humble people. So I am declaring tomorrow (9th March) as inspirational people day. A day to celebrate the beautiful people in our lives. I know a lot of you are going to disagree with my opinion but hey, I am woman having an opinion on international women's day 💖

Me with my mum and brothers. 💖

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