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Gentle July days

The web covered heath flower starts to unfold.

On my early morning dewy stroll.

The sun is rising from its slumber,

On the gentle dawn of this mid-summer.

The pace for the animals is calm for a while,

As the forest blooms in an abundance of wilds.

The sun warms their backs as everything slows,

And breeding season comes to a close.

Bramble flower hedges and wild thyme grasses,

And chamomile grows on the pasture edges.

Butterflies flutter in an array of colours,

And caterpillars appear in all shapes and sizes.

Bats are seeing to their nurseries of babes,

And dragonflies rattle along on mid-summer haze.

The whole of the forest feels more at ease,

As bellies are full in the shade of the trees.

With such abundance I wander slower,

Not to miss a beetle or a flower.

Like the rhythms of seasons, rejoice in the moment,

Stop, smell the flowers and become the exponent.

The heady scent of an awakening forest,

And the call of the birds is less ‘breeding’ but joyous.

And I breathe in the warmth where the wildlife resides.

As the wonder of nature cannot be denied.

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