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Celebrating the beauty of nature.

The clouds drove through the sun today on the chilly wind as I wandered through a patchwork of shade and sun.

It seemed unusually quiet on the inclosure tracks considering it was the school holiday, but the sound of singing birds kept me company amongst the young, unfurling leaves of the trees, creating a silhouette of lime green.

Larch flowers are coming to an end now, but if you look hard enough, these little gems can still be found. The blue waxy coating of the spruce glistened in the sun and turned to subtle white in the shade. The southern wood ants were taking advantage of the wax filled needles below as they busily repaired their nest. I stood mesmerised by the organised carrying of needles and foraged beetles and bugs being taken into the nest, as I shared their sundrenched spot.

Continuing my walk, I meandered between the broadleaves and cedar as they creeked and groaned against the wind. I was captured in the moment of new growth, and reawakening as I breathed in the sights, sounds and smells of nature and bound myself in the beauty of the moment. The trees were embellished with turkey tail brackets and dripping with lichen, and when stepping across the watery ditches I noticed the tiny, but bright yellow bog beacons.

I cannot walk at Burley rails without visiting one of the ancient oaks. It's almost like a pull, as if it calls my heart to come, sit and be.... so I did. He's wise and strong, with scars and burrs that tell centuries of stories. In his presence I wholeheartedly remembered to celebrate natures beauty after spending too long in the heartache of the rapidly changing forest.

I was once again embraced by Mother nature, and she reminded me not to be sad for her as I was joined by a friend. A bee landed on my lap, it steadily nurtured me as it bumbled up and down my leg.

I watched its wings illuminate in the sun, I could see every hair on its body and I observed the mindful and mechanical movement of its legs. In this moment together, I thanked Gaia and the wise old tree for sending me my new friend, the keeper of the earth, and in my acknowledgement it quietly and gracefully took flight.

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