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Bluebells in the new forest.

Today was the most perfect spring walk. Considering the weather forecast was bad I got very lucky sheltering in the trees from the wind and catching the sun on my face through the glades. Finally the canopy is in full leaf I adore the early lime green coverage of the beech trees complemented by the blue carpet of bluebells embossed with the white of stitchwort and the sunshine yellow of dandelions while the lime green of wood spurge almost like matching furnishings brings it all together. When standing to take in a lung full of sweet bluebell scent I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I stayed motionless as I caught a glimpse of 2 fox cubs venturing out of their den momentarily. The birds were singing high in the trees and a woodpecker was busy drumming his territory as a cuckoo called from the distant heathland and the bees buzzed from blues to whites. Along the sunny rides butterflies sheltered amongst the wildflower and brambles and bees took advantage of the sea of bluebell. Before leaving the woodland I closed my eyes and took another very deep breath to take in the sweet aroma and tried to lock it in my memory as the bluebells never seem to last long enough, but I think that is what makes them so magical!

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Jen Blaxall.
Jen Blaxall.
24 thg 10, 2021
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Thank you 😁

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